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Aug 07

For many patients, the idea of undergoing months or years of traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces is enough to make them avoid asking their dentist about smile alignment. Teeth alignment plays a vital role in one’s oral health, as well as self-confidence. At Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC, patients can straighten their teeth with an alternative […]

May 20

Do you currently wear complete dentures on either the top, bottom, or both arches of your mouth for tooth replacement? If so, you have likely experienced some drawbacks of traditional dentures. Because they simply rest on your gums, they can slide around, fall out, feel uncomfortable, and more. Did you know that there is an […]

Mar 30

Do you have gingival inflammation? If so, you might have gum disease. You need to address gum disease as quickly as possible to prevent it from getting worse and when the chance of reversing the damage is better. What must you do to reverse gum disease in Burr Ridge, Illinois? Take a look at a […]

Jan 23

It is an incredibly rare occurrence that an individual goes their whole life without ever needing a filling. Safe mercury-free fillings such as composite resin are used to repair many dental issues, including cavities and broken teeth. However, many out there still have an older metal amalgam filling. These fillings contain toxic mercury within them. […]

Jul 18

A bright, beautiful smile is hard to miss. Unfortunately, the same can be said about crooked, misaligned teeth. If you’re unhappy with your smile due to misaligned, crooked, or overcrowded teeth, take steps to correct these issues with Invisalign treatment. Through Invisalign orthodontic treatment, you can achieve straighter, more attractive teeth in as little as […]

Apr 27

While no longer widely used, many Americans still have at least one metal amalgam tooth filling. Back in the day, these were the go-to for treating cavities. As time passed and more research was done on the potential dangers of mercury-containing silver fillings, dentists began to seek alternatives. One such alternative is composite resin (or […]

Dec 28

Following a set dental hygiene regimen is a vital cog in your overall dental health. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing combined with regular dental exams and cleanings will allow you to retain healthy and beautiful teeth. Dr. Janet Stopka and the team at Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC. like to work together with every patient […]

Dec 28

Many dental offices today employ mercury-free procedures. Patients are becoming increasingly aware of the negative results that have come out of many dental research projects involving mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin and can lead to autoimmune disease, chronic illness, and mental disorders. Dr. Janet Stopka’s practice Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC. is mercury-free. She also […]

Dec 28

Have you heard about the increasing popularity of ozone use in dentistry? When you hear the word ozone, you probably immediately think about the ozone in our atmosphere. Dental ozone is quite different and offers many benefits to dentists around the world. Your Burr Ridge, IL biological dentist, would love to share some of these […]

Sep 21

When you have missing teeth, you may treat the issue as one that is purely visual. Every time you smile, you are very aware that your smile is incomplete. The truth about your missing teeth is that it is not only an aesthetic issue but one that can result in pretty serious dental health issues. […]

Sep 21

Microorganisms and their byproducts are the primary catalysts to an individual needing a root canal. When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, it becomes necessary to expose this infected pulp so that it can be removed. This is followed by disinfection of the remaining inner tissue that is healthy. Once this is complete, it […]

Jun 04

Are you finding yourself smiling less because of tooth loss? If you’re nodding in agreement, there is a relief for you. At Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC, Burr Ridge, IL, residents have access to professionals with extensive experience to provide treatment options to restore their smile. While tooth loss can diminish your confidence, teeth implants […]