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Apr 21

Achieving a smile that you feel is perfect can be tough, while maintaining that same beautiful smile over the years can seem downright impossible. Even with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing, your smile can undergo quite a few changes over the years, which can leave it imperfect. Thanks to veneers, which are now both accessible […]

Oct 06

Burr Ridge, IL area patients who are faced with tooth loss might immediately think of their grandparents’ dentures as the next step for restoration. Fortunately, patients have a wide range of options available to them today. This includes dental implants. Dr. Janet Stopka provides dental implants that are safe, biocompatible, and affordable for patients who […]

Oct 06

It does not take a lot of work, but you do have to be persistent if you want to maintain a bright, beautiful smile as you age. This can only be achieved when you take your dental health and oral hygiene seriously. At-home regimens combined with regular visits to the dentist go a long way […]

Mar 04

At the practice of Dr. Janet Stopka, our biological dentist, patients of the Burr Ridge, IL area can benefit from ozone dentistry. Ozone dentistry is a part of dentistry that uses the water-soluble gas called ozone. This is a triatomic oxygen particle that can be used in many areas of dental work. Dr. Janet Stopka […]

Nov 06

Burr Ridge, IL area patients who are interested in maintaining their oral health and wellness can work with a dentist such as Dr. Janet S. Stopka to educate themselves further on how they can improve their smile. Oral health and wellness are important for many reasons. When patients practice dental hygiene, they will keep problems […]

Oct 03

Are you interested in cosmetic dental services for the enhancement of your smile? Are you dealing with a variety of imperfections that need to be improved by a dentist? Do you live in or around the Burr Ridge, IL area? If this sounds like you, Dr. Janet Stopka can assist! Working with a dentist who […]

Aug 29

Burr Ridge, IL patients who are interested in working with a quality dentist to improve the health of their smiles are welcome to learn more about dental care from Dr. Janet Stopka. Her practice is available to provide tips for good dental hygiene and healthy, beautiful smiles. At her facility, each patient is treated as […]

Jun 04

For many years, dentists who treated cavities used fillings that were made of a material known as silver amalgam. In fact, many dentists still utilize this material. However, studies have found that the mercury content in these fillings, which can be up to 50% of the filling’s makeup, can be hazardous and toxic to patients […]

Mar 12

At the practice of Dr. Janet Stopka, patients in the community of Burr Ridge, IL can ask a professional about the types of solutions available for enhancing their smile and restoring function after the loss of natural adult teeth. In many situations, a dentist may recommend a dental bridge. Our dentist explains the purpose of […]

Feb 15

At the practice of Dr. Janet Stopka, patients in the Burr Ridge, IL area who are interested in maintaining a smile are urged to practice good oral hygiene. Our professionals, including our dental hygienists, encourage patients to make sure they follow the standards of care advised by their team to keep their smile looking great […]

Dec 07

When patients think of tooth extractions, they may have anxiety. This is often due to not understanding the process and the expectation of discomfort. Dr. Janet S. Stopka is a dentist in the Burr Ridge, IL area who is here to help patients in understanding the tooth extraction process so there are no surprises from […]

Aug 31

As a biological dentist, Janet Stopka, DDS ensures all dental techniques, treatments, and materials promote whole-body health. With this principle at the heart of the practice, Dr. Stopka and her team do not fill cavities with amalgam. This mix of metals may look silver in color, but each filling is actually 50 percent mercury! Some […]