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Dentist Burr Ridge - Janet S. Stopka Dr. Stopka has been a tireless leader in pro- moting healthy and biological dentistry. She is very active in her support of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

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I’m so glad I found such a great dentist and office! I recommend them to everyone. I love that Dr. Stopka cares more about natural non-toxic methods and that she is so thorough and professional. My husband switched to Dr. Stopka as well and has been much happier with his overall dental care. We also love how friendly the front desk ladies are! Nancy & Nancy K are the best.
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Mercury Safe Dentistry

Find a mercury safe dentist in the Burr Ridge, IL area for safe silver amalgam filling removal

Find a Mercury Safe Dentist in Burr Ridge IL area

For many years, dentists who treated cavities used fillings that were made of a material known as silver amalgam. In fact, many dentists still utilize this material. However, studies have found that the mercury content in these fillings, which can be up to 50% of the filling’s makeup, can be hazardous and toxic to patients due to mercury toxicity. Once this had been discovered, many holistic and biocompatible dentists began offering silver amalgam filling removal and replacement. This procedure needs to be done by a dentist who follows the strict protocols of the IAOMT that ensure safe removal. When you … Continue reading

Biological dental office in Burr Ridge IL offers mercury safe treatment to remove silver fillings

There is a safe way to remove silver or amalgam fillings that contain mercury and Dr. Janet Stopka has invested in the techniques and tools

As a biological dentist, Janet Stopka, DDS ensures all dental techniques, treatments, and materials promote whole-body health. With this principle at the heart of the practice, Dr. Stopka and her team do not fill cavities with amalgam. This mix of metals may look silver in color, but each filling is actually 50 percent mercury! Some dentists stop short of practicing truly biological dentistry; the way they address mercury in so-called silver fillings is to be “mercury-free” and not place metals that contain it. We offer mercury safe dental treatment in Burr Ridge IL. As a mercury-safe practice, Janet Stopka, DDS … Continue reading

How mercury affects your health as explained by your Burr Ridge dentist

Mercury is a naturally occurring, yet toxic substance. Unfortunately, it is present in amalgam fillings and is still used in many dental practices to restore decayed teeth. Like many patients, you may be wondering how mercury affects your health. Now, the answers are explained by your Burr Ridge dentist, Dr. Janet Stopka. Dr. Stopka maintains a mercury free, mercury safe dental office to protect her patients’ health. Mercury is toxic Concerns about mercury have been circulating for years especially since mercury has been declared harmful at all levels. Even small amounts can cause damage. Mercury is a poisonous, non-radioactive substance … Continue reading

Mercury free dental office in Burr Ridge explains the risks of mercury in amalgam fillings

Mercury Free, Janet S. Stopka, DDS, PC

Historically speaking, the mouth was thought of as a separate entity. The teeth, gums, and oral cavity were treated on their own without knowledge of the impact on the rest of the body. Biological dentistry treats the patient as a whole, rather than focusing on a single system or body part. This understanding of whole body health goes together with understanding the dangers of mercury and its presence in dental amalgam. In Burr Ridge, Dr. Stopka maintains a mercury free, mercury safe dental office to protect her patients’ health. Dangers of mercury in amalgam fillings The dangers and concerns of … Continue reading

Mercury Removal Dentist Burr Ridge, IL – Mercury Removal Safe

Safe Mercury filling removal from dentist in Burr Ridge IL

There are several reasons a patient may choose to have their amalgam filling removed and replaced. Some are concerned about the aesthetics of the silver filling and wish to have a tooth-colored composite filling. Others are concerned with the mercury content of amalgam fillings. Then there are some that must be replaced due to damage or degradation.   Regardless of the reason, it’s important to seek a practitioner who is experienced in mercury safe removal techniques. If you are in the Burr Ridge, IL area, Dr. Janet Stopka has years of experience safely removing amalgam fillings.   Dr. Stopka’s practice … Continue reading