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Sep 21

Going to the dentist used to be only about checking the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. As time passed, dentists have begun to connect your oral health to your overall well being. Out of this realization has come a new form of dentistry called biological (or holistic) dentistry. Biological dentistry follows the belief […]

Oct 29

An increasing number of health-savvy individuals are exploring the advantages of amalgam removal for big, bright smiles that promote oral health and whole body wellness. At Dr. Janet Stopka’s biological dentistry office in Burr Ridge, IL, the procedure is performed the smart way, with techniques that minimize exposure to potentially harmful mercury. Clearing the air […]

Sep 21

Biocompatible dentistry is an approach to dental care and oral health that focuses on the connection between the health of the mouth and overall wellness. Rather than isolating and treating individual symptoms, we look at oral health as an integral part of total wellness. Conditions that begin in the mouth can impact other organs in […]

Jul 13

Biological dentistry is concerned about protecting a patient’s overall health, not just that of the oral cavity. In Burr Ridge, IL, Dr. Janet Stopka offers a biocompatible approach that helps the body heal itself rather than relying on potentially dangerous chemicals, materials, or procedures. As an alternative to traditional care, holistic dentistry offers patients natural […]

Apr 23

In dentistry, technology and procedures are carefully selected to ensure patient health and safety. In Burr Ridge, Dr. Stopka understands that the mouth and body work together as a unit. What goes in the mouth, good or bad, has an impact on the rest of the body. With this knowledge, dentists use care when selecting […]

Oct 03

Dr. Janet S. Stopka and her dedicated team of professionals work with patients to help them understand the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. Our staff encourages patients to learn about general dentistry procedures that are regularly used in our practice to enhance the smile. What is general dentistry? General dentistry is a term that […]

Oct 03

Dr. Janet S. Stopka of Burr Ridge, Illinois is a biological dentist who is committed to providing healthy, beautiful smiles. Her practice is set up to ensure everything completed within the smile is not only effective but also safe. This includes avoiding metal restorations and mercury fillings. Patients can visit her practice to enjoy a […]