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Dec 28

Have you heard about the increasing popularity of ozone use in dentistry? When you hear the word ozone, you probably immediately think about the ozone in our atmosphere. Dental ozone is quite different and offers many benefits to dentists around the world. Your Burr Ridge, IL biological dentist, would love to share some of these […]

Sep 21

Microorganisms and their byproducts are the primary catalysts to an individual needing a root canal. When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, it becomes necessary to expose this infected pulp so that it can be removed. This is followed by disinfection of the remaining inner tissue that is healthy. Once this is complete, it […]

Mar 04

At the practice of Dr. Janet Stopka, our biological dentist, patients of the Burr Ridge, IL area can benefit from ozone dentistry. Ozone dentistry is a part of dentistry that uses the water-soluble gas called ozone. This is a triatomic oxygen particle that can be used in many areas of dental work. Dr. Janet Stopka […]

Jan 18

When patients hear about a root canal, they often think it would be a painful procedure. However, root canal therapy is not painful, it relieves the pain of an infected tooth for Burr Ridge area patients. Root canal therapy, or “endodontic therapy,” is done to eliminate the pain and to help patients keep their natural […]

Dec 20

At the practice of Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC in Burr Ridge, Illinois, patients have access to services they need to maintain a healthy smile. When infection affects the inner portion of the tooth called the dental pulp, it can pose a serious problem for the natural tooth and its overall health. This is when […]