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Mar 10

The use of mercury safe dentistry is becoming more and more important over the years as patients in and around the Burr Ridge, IL area are educated on how silver amalgam fillings can negatively impact their overall health and wellness. Dr. Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC is a holistic dentist who fully understands the biology […]

Mar 03

The “silver” fillings used for over a decade aren’t 100 percent silver but are a mix of metals, including tin, copper, and mercury. You will never find mercury-containing fillings at the biological practice of Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC. The office goes beyond what other practices offer for the long-term health of their patients with […]

Jan 18

Historically, there have been relatively few choices in the area of restorative dentistry. In fact, there was a time in which the standard form of repair was a metal dental crown. As dentistry has advanced, patients are finding that they have numerous options when it comes to restoring damaged teeth. When repair is necessary, Burr […]

Jan 18

When patients hear about a root canal, they often think it would be a painful procedure. However, root canal therapy is not painful, it relieves the pain of an infected tooth for Burr Ridge area patients. Root canal therapy, or “endodontic therapy,” is done to eliminate the pain and to help patients keep their natural […]

Jan 18

Dr. Janet S. Stopka of the Burr Ridge, Illinois area promotes healthy smiles with biological dentistry and is a supporter and active member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). She wants patients to have healthy, attractive smiles they can be proud and confident to share with others. Individuals interested in cosmetic […]

Jan 18

Dr. Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC and her team put the health and wellness of their patients as top priority. Our holistic dental practice focuses on the biocompatibility of everything done within the smile. We avoid the use of materials that could be damaging to teeth and provide mercury safe and mercury free dental solutions […]

Jan 17

Chicago, IL area patients ready to take their dental care to the next level are encouraged to ask Dr. Janet Stopka about cosmetic solutions. Many patients want their smile to be beautiful and healthy looking. Even when teeth are regularly cleaned and are free of decay and periodontal disease, it is still important to many […]

Dec 20

At the practice of Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC in Burr Ridge, Illinois, patients have access to services they need to maintain a healthy smile. When infection affects the inner portion of the tooth called the dental pulp, it can pose a serious problem for the natural tooth and its overall health. This is when […]