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Dec 07

When patients think of tooth extractions, they may have anxiety. This is often due to not understanding the process and the expectation of discomfort. Dr. Janet S. Stopka is a dentist in the Burr Ridge, IL area who is here to help patients in understanding the tooth extraction process so there are no surprises from […]

Aug 23

Patients near Chicago, IL who are interested in extraction of a tooth are encouraged to book a consultation visit with Dr. Janet Stopka. She is a dedicated dental professional in the community who can provide a variety of comprehensive dental services to patients, including necessary tooth extractions. Why extract teeth? There are many times a […]

Aug 23

A beautiful smile is just an appointment away with Dr. Janet S. Stopka in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Our team of professionals know how important a beautiful smile can be to improving confidence and self-esteem. When patients are unhappy with misalignment in their smiles, they may avoid situations where they may be smiling and talking in […]