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Apr 22

As it is in any field, it has been incredibly important for the techniques and materials used in dentistry to evolve and progress. One great example of this is how dentistry has witnessed a significant shift away from the use of mercury in recent years. This marks a crucial turning point in the field’s commitment […]

Feb 01

At the office of Janet S. Stopka, DDS, PC, you benefit from the services of a biological dentist in Burr Ridge, Illinois, to meet your dental care needs. Dr. Janet Stopka takes a holistic approach to dentistry, providing natural treatments and using non-toxic dental materials to preserve the health and beauty of your smile. If […]

Jan 23

It is an incredibly rare occurrence that an individual goes their whole life without ever needing a filling. Safe mercury-free fillings such as composite resin are used to repair many dental issues, including cavities and broken teeth. However, many out there still have an older metal amalgam filling. These fillings contain toxic mercury within them. […]

Apr 27

While no longer widely used, many Americans still have at least one metal amalgam tooth filling. Back in the day, these were the go-to for treating cavities. As time passed and more research was done on the potential dangers of mercury-containing silver fillings, dentists began to seek alternatives. One such alternative is composite resin (or […]

Dec 28

Many dental offices today employ mercury-free procedures. Patients are becoming increasingly aware of the negative results that have come out of many dental research projects involving mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin and can lead to autoimmune disease, chronic illness, and mental disorders. Dr. Janet Stopka’s practice Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC. is mercury-free. She also […]

Jun 04

For many years, dentists who treated cavities used fillings that were made of a material known as silver amalgam. In fact, many dentists still utilize this material. However, studies have found that the mercury content in these fillings, which can be up to 50% of the filling’s makeup, can be hazardous and toxic to patients […]

Aug 31

As a biological dentist, Janet Stopka, DDS ensures all dental techniques, treatments, and materials promote whole-body health. With this principle at the heart of the practice, Dr. Stopka and her team do not fill cavities with amalgam. This mix of metals may look silver in color, but each filling is actually 50 percent mercury! Some […]

May 14

Mercury is a naturally occurring, yet toxic substance. Unfortunately, it is present in amalgam fillings and is still used in many dental practices to restore decayed teeth. Like many patients, you may be wondering how mercury affects your health. Now, the answers are explained by your Burr Ridge dentist, Dr. Janet Stopka. Dr. Stopka maintains […]

Mar 14

Historically speaking, the mouth was thought of as a separate entity. The teeth, gums, and oral cavity were treated on their own without knowledge of the impact on the rest of the body. Biological dentistry treats the patient as a whole, rather than focusing on a single system or body part. This understanding of whole […]

Nov 13

There are several reasons a patient may choose to have their amalgam filling removed and replaced. Some are concerned about the aesthetics of the silver filling and wish to have a tooth-colored composite filling. Others are concerned with the mercury content of amalgam fillings. Then there are some that must be replaced due to damage […]

Sep 12

Dr. Janet Stopka of the West Chicago, IL area is a dedicated biological dentist. Her practice is equipped with the latest technologies to provide mercury free treatments. In addition, patients who are interested in mercury filling removal can visit her facility for services. Why mercury filling removal? While many dentists have used silver amalgam fillings […]

Sep 12

When patients visit a dentist in the Chicago, IL area, the last thing they need to worry about is the materials being used to restore the smile. Dr. Janet Stopka is a mercury-free dentist who ensures she uses only safe, biocompatible materials to repair the smile. Why choose a mercury-free dentist? Dr. Janet Stopka is […]