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May 20

Do you currently wear complete dentures on either the top, bottom, or both arches of your mouth for tooth replacement? If so, you have likely experienced some drawbacks of traditional dentures. Because they simply rest on your gums, they can slide around, fall out, feel uncomfortable, and more. Did you know that there is an […]

Sep 21

When you have missing teeth, you may treat the issue as one that is purely visual. Every time you smile, you are very aware that your smile is incomplete. The truth about your missing teeth is that it is not only an aesthetic issue but one that can result in pretty serious dental health issues. […]

Jun 04

Are you finding yourself smiling less because of tooth loss? If you’re nodding in agreement, there is a relief for you. At Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC, Burr Ridge, IL, residents have access to professionals with extensive experience to provide treatment options to restore their smile. While tooth loss can diminish your confidence, teeth implants […]

Oct 06

Burr Ridge, IL area patients who are faced with tooth loss might immediately think of their grandparents’ dentures as the next step for restoration. Fortunately, patients have a wide range of options available to them today. This includes dental implants. Dr. Janet Stopka provides dental implants that are safe, biocompatible, and affordable for patients who […]

Jul 19

Implants are a wonderful solution for patients in the area of Oakbrook Terrace, IL who are seeking tooth replacement. Dental implants are the gold standard because of their longevity and functionality. Patients who are considering replacing missing teeth are often excited to consider the benefits of implants for a variety of reasons. Additionally, Dr. Janet […]

Jul 19

Tooth replacement should be discussed as soon as possible with a dental professional to determine the best method of replacement. Missing teeth negatively impact the smile when it comes to functionality, health, and appearance. At the practice of Janet S. Stopka DDS, PC, a biological dentist, patients may hear about the benefits of dental implant […]